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We do not have a rate card, all our loans reflect the circumstances and risks of our clients. There is no fee for applying, charges will only be applied to contracted loans.

Our loans are charged from 0.8% per month. Interest will be serviced or retained. With retained interest, the amount that can be lent on a property is likely to be reduced. Our interest rates are fixed and will not change if LIBOR or base rate increases.

The arrangement fee for a typical loan will be 2%. In some circumstances there may be an additional 1% procurement fee.

On development and more complex loans a redemption fee of 1-2% will be applied.

Where a loan is drawn in tranches, a 0.25% monthly undrawn fee may be charged in certain circumstances.

In addition, we will require a cost indemnity for our 3rd party legal costs. We do not undertake or rely on 3rd party valuations, representing a considerable saving for our clients in both financial terms and speed of drawdown.


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